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Fragment of public inscription

Type of monument:
Fragment of public inscription.
Işıklı (Eumeneia): in the wall of a house, near a fountain containing a large Byzantine slab with ornate cross.
Marble fragment, broken above, left, and below; apparently complete at right.
Ht. 0.63+; W. 0.30+; Th. --; letters 0.065 (lines 1-2), 0.100 (line 3).
WMC notebook copy; photograph (1954/7).
Roman imperial period.

[- - -] Α̣ΤΟΙ
[- - -] ΣΙΑΝ
c. 0.070 interlinear space
[- - -] Α̣ΙΟΔ
[- - -]   vac.  

The lettering of this inscribed fragment is of extremely high quality. The third line is inscribed in larger letters, and separated from the preceding lines by an interlinear space of around 7cm; it is tempting to restore [ἡ βουλὴ] κα̣ὶ ὁ δ|[ῆμος], and to assume that the fragment comes from the bottom right corner of an honorific inscription. The four letters at the end of line 1 could be part of a superlative ([-τ]ά̣τοι|[ς]).


MAMA XI 29 (Eumeneia 6: 1954-7)

MAMA XI 29 (Eumeneia 6: 1954-7)