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Bilingual funerary bomos of Eutaxia

Type of monument:
Funerary bomos.
Işıklı (Eumeneia): not recorded.
limestone bomos, complete; lower moulding broken at right.
Ht. 1.05; W. 0.62 (upper moulding), 0.49-0.51 (shaft), 0.65+ (lower moulding); Th. 0.20 (shaft); letters 0.050-0.055 (Latin), 0.030-0.035 (Greek).
Photograph (1954/5).
Hamilton 1842: II 475 no. 369 (mentioned II 166); (CIG III 3902g; Ramsay, Phrygia II 381, no. 214; CIL III 363; IGR IV 733; Kearsley 2001: 94).
Second century AD.

Ilus Gemelus
eq(ues) armorum
custos · Eu-
taxiae coniu-
5gi merenti fecit.
Ιλος Γέμελος ἱπ-
πεὺς ὁπλοφύλαξ
Εὐταξίᾳ συμβίῳ
μνήμης χάριν
Ilus Gemel(l)us, eques, armorum custos, made (this tombstone) for his deserving wife Eutaxia. Ilos Gemel(l)us, eques, armorum custos, made (this tombstone) for his wife Eutaxia, in memoriam.

This inscription seems not to have been seen since it was copied by Hamilton in the mid-nineteenth century. On the office of armorum custos, see Speidel 1992, and for another eques armorum custos at Eumeneia, see Ramsay, Phrygia II 380, no. 211 (IGR IV 736: Ἰούλιος Παπίας ἱππεὺς ὁπλοφύλαξ σπείρης πρώτης Ῥαίτων). On the name Ilos, see Herrmann 1991: 81 (Greek name Ἶλος); Christol and Drew-Bear 1995: 66-8 (indigenous Isaurian name; but see Masson, OGS III 321-2). The name Gemellus was also carried by a bouleutes at Eumeneia: Robert, Hellenica XI/XII, 436-9, with Pl. XXVI 2 (Ramsay, Phrygia II 520-1, no. 361; Strubbe 1994: 109-10, no. 4; IJO II, 186; I.Denizli 148).


MAMA XI 33 (Eumeneia 10: 1954-5)

MAMA XI 33 (Eumeneia 10: 1954-5)