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Chancel barrier lintel with decorative reliefs

Type of monument:
Chancel barrier lintel with decorative reliefs.
Bedeş (Kayabelen) (Synnada): in the wall of the türbe.
White marble lintel with decorative reliefs on front face and (apparently) below; broken right.
Ht. 0.32; W. 0.70+; Th. --.
MB notebook copy; photograph (1955/18).
Tenth or eleventh century AD.

For the decorative schema of the front face of the lintel (arcade with semicircular blind arches resting on single columns, with palmettes beneath each arch and teardrop-shapes in the spandrels), see MAMA XI 190 (1955/10). The palmettes are depicted in a highly abstract geometric style. The columns supporting the arches have spiral fluting, and crescent-shaped capitals and bases. Both of the latter elements are also found on a barrier lintel in the Afyon archaeological museum (Buchwald 1995: 255-6, no. 1.6, with Fig. 7; ‘I know of no close parallels to the unusual treatment of the capitals and bases’). For the crescent-shaped bases combined with spiral fluting, compare the door lintel of the 13th century church on İkiz Ada (Wiegand 1913: 35-41), a re-used chancel barrier lintel of tenth- or eleventh-century date (Buchwald 1995: 259, no. 10); for the crescent-shaped capitals, see also Alpaslan-Doğan 2008: 135, Fig. 10 (Ernez, Lycia).


MAMA XI 191 (Synnada 14: 1955-18)

MAMA XI 191 (Synnada 14: 1955-18)