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Funerary doorstone for Ba

Type of monument:
Funerary doorstone.
Çeşmelisebil (Axylon): in the yard of a house to the south of the höyük.
Doorstone, broken above. Twin door with plain panels; pilasters to left and right, arched pediment above. In upper right panel, key-plate; in upper left panel, door-knocker; lower panels blank. Inscription on the upper door-frame. Lower two-thirds of left pilaster plain; upper third fluted, with ionic capital. The left-hand side of the pediment rests on a bomos with plain upper and lower mouldings depicted in relief. Right-hand pilaster and moulding of right-hand side of pediment defaced. In the pediment, female portrait in relief (bust defaced); incised depictions of wool-basket (left), crescent moon and spindle and distaff (right).
Ht. 1.32+; W. 0.67; Th. 0.24; letters 0.020-0.025.
WMC notebook copy; photograph (1954/44).
Roman imperial period.

Παπας Δημητρίου Βᾳ
τῇ ἰδίᾳ γυναικὶ μνήμ-
ης ἕνεκεν.
Papas son of Demetrios for Ba, his own wife, in memoriam.


MAMA XI 205 (Axylon 5: 1954-44)

MAMA XI 205 (Axylon 5: 1954-44)