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Funerary stele of Aurelia Dido and family

Type of monument:
Funerary stele.
Yaraşlı (Kinna): in a wall of a house of the north side of the village.
White limestone stele, broken above. At top, rectangular or arched pediment, with female bust and two male busts in relief; female figure with veil and incised necklace. Line 1 of inscription on moulding; lines 2-6 in sunken panel on shaft. Below inscription, incised depictions of wool-basket on chest; spindle and distaff; mirror. At base of shaft, incised depictions of oinochoe, crude one-handled skyphos (?), and pelike.
Ht. 0.72+; W. 0.58; Th. 0.42; letters 0.015-0.030.
AH notebook copy; photograph (1957/12=5708).
Third century AD.

Αὐρη(λία) Διδω ζῶσα κ[ὲ φρο]-
νοῦσα ἑατῇ κὲ εἱ̣-
ῷ Δημητρίου κὲ ἀ-
{α}νδρὶ Δαδῃ ἀνέστ-
5{τ}ησεν μνήμης
Aure(lia) Dido, while still living and in her right mind, set this up for herself and her son Demetrios and her husband Dades, in memoriam.

The indigenous names Διδω and Δαδης are highly characteristic of eastern Phrygia, Lykaonia and Galatia: for Διδω see Zgusta 1964: 147-8 §282-3; RECAM II 115, 254; for Δαδης see Zgusta 1964: 140-1 §244-5; Drew-Bear and Naour 1990: 1927-8.


MAMA XI 234 (Kinna 13: 1957-12)

MAMA XI 234 (Kinna 13: 1957-12)