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Funerary stele for husband and wife

Type of monument:
Funerary stele.
Canımana (Kinna): in the cemetery.
Grey limestone stele, broken above. Arched pediment, with two busts in relief, veiled female in pallia to left, male in toga to right. Sunken panel on shaft with defaced mouldings. Lines 1-2 of the inscription missing (presumably on the defaced upper moulding of the panel), line 3 at the top of the panel. On the panel, incised depictions of a chest with lock-plate, a mirror, an oinochoe and skyphos on an animal-legged tripod table (top); a pelike, a spindle and distaff and a bill-hook (middle); a horse and an ox-team yoked to a plough (below).
Ht. 1.73+; W. 0.73; Th. 0.43 (shaft); letters 0.020-0.025.
MB notebook copy; photograph (1957/35=5749).
Roman imperial period.

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μνήμης χάριν. memoriam.

For the incised depictions in the panel, see the commentary to MAMA XI 233 (1957/26: Yalınayak [Karacadağ]).


MAMA XI 253 (Kinna 32: 1957-35)

MAMA XI 253 (Kinna 32: 1957-35)