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Funerary inscription of Geia(?)

Type of monument:
Funerary stele.
Göçü (Konya): in the steps of the mosque.
Three joining fragments of a grey marble stele; inscription in a recessed panel, with a crescent moon (?) incised on the left-hand moulding.
Ht. 0.55+; W. 0.63; Th. 0.27; letters 0.035-0.040.
MB notebook copy; photograph (1957/44).
Roman imperial period.

[- Οὐα]λέριο[ς]
[- - - -]ινος κ̣-
[αὶ - -]ιω ἡ γ[υ]-
[νὴ α]ὐ̣τ̣οῦ̣ Γ̣ε̣(?)-
5ιᾳ τῇ ἐγγόνῃ
αὐτῶν μνή-
μης χάρ̣ι̣ν̣.
[. Va]leriu[s -]inus and [- -]io his wife, for their granddaughter Geia, in memoriam.

There appears to be space at the start of line 1 for an abbreviated praenomen. The reading of the name in lines 4-5 is not certain; ΙΑ is clear at the start of line 5, and at the end of line 4 the photo shows the lower part of an upright stroke followed by the bottom of the loop of a lunate epsilon or lunate sigma. I have tentatively restored the indigenous name Γεια, attested at Ikonion in I.Konya 89 (Zgusta 1964: 134 §210-4).


MAMA XI 300 (Konya 7: 1957-44)

MAMA XI 300 (Konya 7: 1957-44)