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Fragment of building inscription

Type of monument:
Fragment of building inscription.
Uluborlu (Apollonia): in the wall of Sait Bey’s garden.
Fragment of white marble architrave, apparently complete above, upper moulding defaced.
Ht. 0.38+; W. 0.30+; Th. --; letters 0.095-0.100 (line 1), 0.080 (line 2).
Line drawing; MB notebook copy (1956/83).
Roman imperial period.

[- - -]ΕΡΤ[- - -]
[- -]ΤΗΡΙΑ[- -]

This inscription is a fragment from the monumental architrave of a public building at Apollonia. In line 1, we could have a personal name such as [Τ]έρτ[ιος] or [Τ]έρτ[υλλος], or conceivably (if the building were dedicated to an emperor) part of the name [Λ. Σεπτιμίῳ Σεουήρῳ Π]ερτ[ίνακι]; in line 2, we presumably either have a description of what is being dedicated (e.g. [ἐργασ]τήρια, as in MAMA IV 171), or a dedication ‘for salvation’ [ὑπὲρ σω]τηρία[ς τοῦ δεῖνα]. It is possible that the fragment derives from the same bilingual architrave-inscription as Mitchell 1974: 37-8 (AE 1975, 812: Latin) and Labarre, Özsait, Özsait and Güceren 2012: 126, no.4 (Greek, where the moulding has also been deliberately defaced); see further the commentary to MAMA XI 5 (1956/85: Apollonia). However, the letters of this fragment appear to be rather smaller.


Line drawing of MAMA XI 6 (Apollonia 6: 1956-83)

Line drawing of MAMA XI 6 (Apollonia 6: 1956-83)