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Chancel barrier lintel with decorative reliefs

Type of monument:
Chancel barrier lintel with decorative reliefs.
Bedeş (Kayabelen) (Synnada): in the türbe.
Fragment of white marble lintel with decorative reliefs, broken at both ends.
Ht. 0.33; W. 0.83+; Th. --.
MB notebook copy; photograph (1955/17).
Tenth or eleventh century AD.

The block is decorated with a rectangular frame enclosing a diamond panel with a central medallion. The medallion carries a spiral pattern, and the corners of the frame are decorated with concentric circles. This block appears to be part of a lintel of a similar type to MAMA XI 191 (1955/18). The decoration is characteristic of the underside of tenth- and eleventh-century barrier lintels; parallels are provided by two lintels seen at Afyon by Buckler, Calder and Guthrie in 1929 (MAMA IV 40 and 47; the decoration of the underside of MAMA IV 40 is a particularly close parallel), and two lintels now in the Afyon archaeological museum (Buchwald 1995: 255-6, nos. 1.5 and 1.6, with Figs. 6 and 7).


MAMA XI 192 (Synnada 15: 1955-17)

MAMA XI 192 (Synnada 15: 1955-17)