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Funerary stele for Io and Io

Type of monument:
Funerary stele.
Çeşmelisebil (Axylon): not recorded.
Limestone stele, complete; to left and right, pilasters with stylised capitals; at top, arched aedicula within vaulted pediment. At top of pediment, star in relief. In the aedicula, standing veiled female figure in relief. To her left, incised spindle, distaff and basket; to her right, incised bureau supporting mirror. On the left pilaster of the aedicula, stylised door-knocker.
Ht. 1.40; W. 0.52 (top), 0.48 (shaft); Th. 0.25; letters 0.017-0.025.
WMC notebook copy (1954/46); photograph (CVC).
Roman imperial period.

Μανης Ιωδι τῇ
ἰδίᾳ γυναικὶ καὶ
Ιῳ τῇ ἰδίᾳ θυγα-
τρὶ μνήμης χά-
5  vac.   ριν.
Manes for Io, his own wife, and for Io, his own daughter, in memoriam.

The female name Ιω is attested in the Axylon at Kelhasan (MAMA VII 499; Waelkens 1986: 247-8, no. 639: Α[ἰ]λήα Ιω), at Zengen [Özkent] (MAMA XI 212 (1954/71): ἰδίᾳ Ιῳ γυναικί) and perhaps at Azak [Hodoğlu] (MAMA XI 209 (1954/73): Ιωδηνᾳ μητρί). At MAMA VII 499, Calder accents the name as though it were the Greek name Ἰώ. However, the indigenous male name Ιωδας/Ιωδης is common in precisely this same region (Zgusta 1964: 206 §496), being attested at Sarıkaya (MAMA VII 379: Αὐρ. Ιωδης), probably Yaraşlı (MAMA XI 236 [1957/14]: Αὐρήλυος Υωδης), Kerpiç (RECAM II 373: Μουνᾳ Ιω[δ]εως), Atkafası (Waelkens 1986: 242-3, no. 623: Ιωδῃ πατρί), and Yukarıçiğil, in the highlands south of Ilgın (Anderson 1898: 120, no. 65: Παπᾳ Μανου Ιωδα). I should prefer to treat the name Ιω in this region as indigenous also.

I presume that Ιωδι in line 1 and Ιῳ in line 3 are different forms of the dative for a single indigenous name Ιω. For this kind of variation, cf. MAMA VII 63 (Laodikeia: Kındıras), Ιωναδι μητρί and MAMA I 120 (Laodikeia: Kadınhanı), θυγατρὶ Ιωνᾳ, where in both cases I would assume that we are dealing with an indigenous female name Ιωνα.

The monument was still visible behind the Belediye at Çeşmelisebil in April 2011.


April 2011 photograph of MAMA XI 203 (Axylon 3: 1954-46)

April 2011 photograph of MAMA XI 203 (Axylon 3: 1954-46)