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Funerary inscription in verse for Demetriane

Type of monument:
Funerary inscription in verse.
Çeşmelisebil (Axylon): not recorded.
Stele, broken above. Foliate decoration on sides.
Ht. 0.95+; W. 0.58; Th. 0.25; letters 0.025-0.035.
Squeeze; WMC notebook copy (1954/43).
Fourth or fifth century AD.

[τύμβον ἐπερχό]μ̣ε-
[νος γνώθι, βρ]οτέ,
τίς κατά[κιτ]ε· ἀγλ-
αίην Δημητριανὴν
5πολύκυδον ἐοῦσ-
αν κάλλι κὲ πυνι-
τῇ καὶ εὐσεβίῃ ἐρα-
τεινῇ· ἣν τείμησ᾿ υἱ-
ὸς Ἡράκλιος πολύ-
10ολβος ⟨σ⟩ὺν γεραρῇ ἀ-
λόχῳ Δόμνῃ ἥν οἱ
πόρε Χρ(ιστὸ)ς Ἰη(σοῦ)ς· ἰστήλη-
ν ἀνέστησαν πολυ-
ήρατον ἔξοχον
Line 10: ΟΛΒΟΣΥΝ lapis.
[As you appr]oa[ch this tomb, learn, mor]tal, who lies buried (here): a splendid woman, Demetriane, who was most glorious in beauty, prudence, and lovely piety; she was honoured by her son, the wealthy Heraklios, along with his reverend wife Domna, whom Jesus Christ provided for him; they set up the stele, most lovely, an outstanding [work].

The inscription, which comprises six rough hexameter verses, is extremely close in structure and phraseology to MAMA XI 206 (1954/42), and shares several phrases with MAMA XI 208 (1954/45), both also from Çeşmelisebil. In lines 1-2, where MAMA XI 206 has τυνβοχόες παράγων, we appear (to judge from the letters mu and epsilon at the end of line 1) to have a participle in the middle voice. For the verb ἐπέρχεσθαι in this context, cf. IGUR III 1216, σὺ δ᾿ ἀναγνοὺς κλαῦσον, ξεῖνε, τὸν Εὐνόης τύμβον [ἐ]π[ε]ρ̣χ̣ό̣[μ]ενος. Note the irrational accusatives in lines 3-6, as in MAMA XI 206 (1954/42); for the adjective πολύκυδος in line 5, cf. κυδιμ[όν] in MAMA XI 208 (1954/45) and πολυκύδιμος in MAMA VII 104d (Zıvarık [Altınekin]). For the quality of prudence (πινυτή), cf. MAMA XI 216 (1957/40: Konya); for beauty (κάλλος), cf. MAMA XI 278 (1956/152: Zıvarık [Altınekin]), κάλλος ἔχουσ᾿ ἐρατινόν; for the whole phrase, compare MAMA XI 208 (1954/45), lines 7-8, εὐσεβίῃ ἐρατεινῇ κάλλι καὶ π̣ινυτ[ῇ]. I have restored line 15 on the basis of MAMA XI 208 (1954/45), lines 10-11, τίτλον ἀνέσ[τησεν πολυ]ήρατον ἔξοχον ἔργον.


Squeeze of MAMA XI 207 (Axylon 7: 1954-43)

Squeeze of MAMA XI 207 (Axylon 7: 1954-43)