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Funerary stele for Tyrannos and Asklepia

Type of monument:
Funerary stele.
Canımana (Kinna): in the wall of a yard.
Limestone stele, broken above, below and right. Arched pediment above, with two busts in relief, male to left, veiled female to right. On the shaft, inset panel framed with Lesbian cyma. Line 1 of inscription on lower moulding of pediment; lines 2-3 on frame above the panel; line 4 in the panel.
Ht. 0.80+; W. 0.52+; Th. --; letters 0.015-0.020.
MB notebook copy; photograph (1957/37=5751).
Roman imperial period.

[Ἀ]σκλη̣[πιὸς Τυρ]ά̣[νν]ο̣υ̣ [πατρὶ ἰδίῳ]
Τ̣υράννῳ γλυ̣[κυτ]άτῳ κα[ὶ μητρὶ]
ἰδίᾳ Ἀσ̣κ̣ληπίᾳ ἀνέστ[ησεν - - - - - - -]
μ̣ν̣ή̣μ̣[ης χάριν].
Askle[pios son of Tyrannos] set this up [for his own] sweetest [father] Tyrannos, and for his own [mother] Asklepia..., in mem[oriam].

For the personal name Tyrannos in inner Anatolia, see also MAMA XI 329 (1956/138: Perta); MAMA XI 363 (1954/53: Kana). For the name Asklepios, see the commentary to MAMA XI 248 (1957/15: Canımana).


MAMA XI 251 (Kinna 30: 1957-137)

MAMA XI 251 (Kinna 30: 1957-137)