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Funerary inscription set up by Sandas

Type of monument:
Funerary inscription.
Gene (Beşağıl) (Kana): in the floor of a storehouse at the top of the village.
Marble slab, broken right and below, with raised fillet running down the centre of the inscription.
Ht. 0.67+; W. 0.60+; Th. 0.15; letters 0.015-0.030.
WMC notebook copy (1954/55).
Roman imperial period.

Σανδας ΚΑΙΣΑΡΗΙ[- - -]
Τουατρι καὶ Μ[- - - - -]
γλυκυτάταις θυγατρά[σιν]
ἀνέστησαν μνήμης χ[άριν]
hed. hed.
Sandas... set this up for Touatris and M... our sweetest daughters, in memoriam.

For the name Σανδας, cf. Robert 1963: 500; Zgusta 1964: 454-5 §1370; the name is attested at the neighbouring city of Perta (MAMA VIII 274: Obruk). The sequence of letters at the end of line 1 is difficult. The plural verb ἀνέστησαν in line 4 suggests that two names are required in line 1 (father and mother), but I know no female name that begins Σαρη-. Alternatively, we could assume that the letters eta and iota at the end of the line were misread by Calder, and restore the ethnic of Cappadocian Caesarea, Καισαρε̣ύ̣ς̣, but that would not leave much space for [καὶ ἡ δεῖνα] in the lacuna. The female name Τουατρις (line 2) seems otherwise only to be attested at Elmasun, in the Lykaonian-Isaurian borderlands (Laminger-Pascher 1992: 39, no. 21). For the fillet dividing the inscription down the middle, cf. MAMA I 228 (Sarayönü).


MAMA XI 359 (Kana 5: 1954-55)

MAMA XI 359 (Kana 5: 1954-55)