Traianopolis (MAMA XI 90-97)

The small town of Traianopolis seems to have been located at or near the modern village of Ortaköy, almost exactly midway between Temenouthyrai (modern Uşak) and Akmoneia (Ahat). In 1956, Ballance recorded eight inscriptions (all but two of them previously published) in this region: one from Ortaköy itself (MAMA XI 91), four from Çarık Köyü, 1km to the south (MAMA XI 90, 92-3, 95), two from Karlık, 4km to the north-east (MAMA XI 94, 97), and one from the village of Mesudiye (formerly Gâvur Ören), 3km north-west of Ortaköy, conceivably to be identified with the ancient Grimenothyrai (MAMA XI 96).1

List of monuments from Traianapolis


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