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Funerary inscription with Eumeneian formula

Type of monument:
Funerary inscription.
Anayurt (Alayund) (Synnada): in the wall of a house.
Rough limestone block, broken left and right.
Ht. 0.76; W. 0.50+; Th. 0.25+; letters 0.030-0.050.
MB notebook copy; photograph (1955/24).
Third century AD.

[εἴ τις τούτ]ῳ τῷ ἡ[ρ]ῴ[ῳ κακὸν]
[(e.g.) ἐποίησε]ν̣, ἕξει πὸς τ̣[ὸν Θεόν. ]
[If anyone does harm to] this tomb, he will have to reckon with [God].

Enough survives of this funerary monument to show that we are dealing with an example of the Eumeneian formula (see the commentary to MAMA XI 36 [1954/14]), also attested at Synnada in MAMA IV 91 (Şuhut: ὃς ἂν δὲ αὐτῷ κ̣α̣κ[όν] δι ποιή̣σι, ἔσται πὸς τὸ[ν] Θεό[ν]), and at neighbouring Prymnessos in MAMA XI 177 (1955/73). For the irrational aorist in line 2, if correctly restored here, see the commentary to MAMA XI 17 (1956/93: Apollonia); for the spelling πός (=πρός), also found in MAMA XI 177 (1955/73), see Brixhe 1987: 113-4.


MAMA XI 181 (Synnada 4: 1955-24)

MAMA XI 181 (Synnada 4: 1955-24)