ref. name modern village description
MAMA XI 134Kilter (Çevrepınar) Letter of a tribune quoting a governor’s subscriptio (AD 187-191)
MAMA XI 135Menteş Honorific statue-base for Nerva with Latin inscription (AD 97)
MAMA XI 136Karasandıklı Honorific statue-base for Septimius Severus (AD 198-210)
MAMA XI 137Odaköy Funerary column with sundial (second century AD)
MAMA XI 138Otluk Funerary doorstone of Philodespotos (c. AD 175-250)
MAMA XI 139Emirhisar Funerary doorstone of Aur. Alexandros and family (AD 265/6)
MAMA XI 140Saltık Funerary doorstone (AD c. 225-75)
MAMA XI 141Karasandıklı Funerary doorstone of Aurelius Gaius and family (third century AD)
MAMA XI 142Menteş Funerary bomos of Sestullianos and his wife (second or third century AD)
MAMA XI 143Koçhisar Funerary bomos (AD 236)
MAMA XI 144Kilter (Çevrepınar) Funerary bomos of Aur. Asklepiodora and family (AD 260)
MAMA XI 145Karasandıklı Funerary bomos for Eutropios (c. AD 200-250)
MAMA XI 146Koçhisar Funerary bomos of Aur. Andragathos and family (third century AD)
MAMA XI 147Elli Mescit (Alamescit) Funerary bomos of Aur. Apphianos (third century AD)
MAMA XI 148Kozvankuyucak Lid of columnar sarcophagus (c. AD 250-270)
MAMA XI 149Odaköy Funerary inscription for a councillor (third century AD)
MAMA XI 150Başkuyucak Funerary inscription of Claudia Asia and family (third or fourth century AD)
MAMA XI 151Menteş Fragmentary building inscription (fifth or sixth century AD)
MAMA XI 152Menteş Banister of ambo stair (sixth century AD)
MAMA XI 153Güre Köyü Funerary inscription of the bishop Leon (AD 1059)
MAMA XI 154Karasandıklı Building inscription of church of St John Prodromos (middle Byzantine period)
MAMA XI 155Odaköy Byzantine architectural fragment (middle Byzantine period)
MAMA XI 156Ekinova Inscribed fragment, perhaps of milestone (uncertain)