ref. name modern village description
MAMA XI 024KocayakaHonorific statue-base for Rufus (first century AD)
MAMA XI 025KavakHonorific statue-base (c. AD 169-72)
MAMA XI 026IşıklıHonorific statue-base for a local magistrate (second or third century AD)
MAMA XI 027SökmenBilingual rescript and petition to Roman emperor (Severan period)
MAMA XI 028EmircikHonorific statue-base for Aelius Asklepiodotos (AD 238-44)
MAMA XI 029IşıklıFragment of public inscription (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 030KoçakVotive stele of Eutychos to Apollo Propylaios (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 031İğdirVotive bomos to Theos Hypsistos (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 032KoçakBilingual funerary inscription of Sitas (early first century AD)
MAMA XI 033IşıklıBilingual funerary bomos of Eutaxia (second century AD)
MAMA XI 034ÖmerliFunerary bomos of the parents (?) of Eidomeneus (AD 130/1)
MAMA XI 035IşıklıFunerary bomos of an unknown individual (AD 197/8)
MAMA XI 036EmircikFunerary bomos of Aur. Alexandros and family and Aur. Zotikos and family (AD 246)
MAMA XI 037KocayakaFunerary stele of Lucius and family (c. AD 250)
MAMA XI 038ÇivrilFunerary bomos of Aur. Threptos and family (AD 253/4)
MAMA XI 039IşıklıFunerary bomos of Aurelius Gaius and family and friends (third century AD)
MAMA XI 040KızılcasöğütFunerary bomos of Aur. Antonia and family (third century AD)
MAMA XI 041KocayakaFunerary bomos of Ael. Neikomede and husband (third century AD)
MAMA XI 042KarayahşilerFunerary bomos of the family of Menekrates (third century AD)
MAMA XI 043BozhüyükFunerary inscription of Aur. Auxanon and Aur. Ammia (third century AD)
MAMA XI 044IşıklıFunerary bomos of Valerius Gaius, Christian, and family (c. AD 275-300)
MAMA XI 045EmircikFunerary bomos of Aphia, set up by Patrokles of Eukarpia (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 046IşıklıFunerary bomos of Agathopous, public archivist (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 047YalınlıFunerary bomos of Papadion and family (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 048SerbanşahFunerary bomos of Trophimos and Severa (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 049KızılcasöğütFunerary bomos of Skylax (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 050YuvaköyFunerary bomos of C. Iulius Neikias (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 051IşıklıFunerary bomos of Diodoros and family (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 052IşıklıFunerary bomos of Dionysodoros and Iounia (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 053IşıklıFunerary bomos of Achilleus and family (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 054IşıklıFunerary bomos of Claudia Hippodameia and family (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 055IşıklıFunerary bomos of Eleuther- and Polyneike (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 056IşıklıFunerary inscription of Proklos and family (Roman imperial period)
MAMA XI 057HaydanAltar-block (fourth to sixth century AD)
MAMA XI 058Çöplü (Şenköy)Funerary bomos of Hypatios (fourth to sixth century AD)
MAMA XI 059KocayakaPrayer to Lord for help (late antique or Byzantine period)
MAMA XI 060IşıklıByzantine closure slab with relief decoration (middle Byzantine period)
MAMA XI 061SökmenBuilding inscription, possibly of Romanos IV Diogenes (eleventh or twelfth century)
MAMA XI 062ÇötelRoof-tile (uncertain date)